Simple inventory system

I would like to create an app that inputs the Supplier_ID and all the details about the item they delivered and also want to be able to add all those data inputted into a different spreadsheet for a different supplier.
All I’m asking that every supplier has to have their own spreadsheet and whenever we input their ID the crossponding data gets saved into that particular supplier’s spreadsheet.
is that possible with appsheet? please don’t mind my question I’m new here so I want to get the best out of appsheet.
thanks in advance.

Have not worked on this specific use case but it may be possible. The likelihood of it being possible relies on how often new suppliers/spreadsheets would need to be add.

If the suppliers are going to be users on the app I’d suggest having one spreadsheet, but the users would only be able to see data assigned to the user’s related Supplier_ID . You could accomplish this using Data Slices (Filtered Tables) or Security Filters.

Let me quickly tell you an example :slight_smile:
for example there is small automobile company that have number of supplier that they daily deleiver engines and other spare parts and i wanna create such app that records their entry in their particular table which is only for that particular supplier and pull their data for reference in future.
can we like have the supplier ID in a drop down form and the rest of the details of item should get saved into their own specific table. please advice on this . i cant get my head around this please guide.

The employee will only enter the data