Simple problem


I have simple problem with closing image after I’ve open it on my phone.
When I tap on image in Appsheet to view it on full screen, it’s open it, but when i wnat to just close it, then button done/ok do nothing and I need to restart app.

I guess this is simple problem, but as I’m new in this I just cant find where to fix this.

If there is any topick with that kind of issue, please forward me there.

Thank You!

Please post a screenshot

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Two screenshots.
One before opening file (jpg file)
In second opened file with button “Gatavs!”, if not translated, then it’s mean - done/ok. When I tap on it, nothing happens.

App view

Open view

That looks like an open file, not opening an image. For files, it will open on the default app on your device for viewing that type of file, outside of appsheet. You should just have to press your device’s back button to get back to the app.

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I don’t see any back button on my iphone and that is strange.
I can record my screen from phone if it’s helps.


I don’t know much about ios, except for when briefly using a friend’s iphone I couldn’t find any back button either. So I probably have nothing else to add here.

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I guess this is not a big problem. Maybe someone else will help with some feedback :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for Your time…

You should see a ‘back to previous app’ kind of button at the top left corner of the screen, maybe it seems hidden because the image is white.
Anyway, you should use image type if there are going to be always images instead of any file