Simple Report... help please

Hi everyone. I am developing an application where I have an ANIMALS table and another MEDICAL_QUERIES table in which I have a field (ANIMAL_ID) that refers to the ANIMALS table. I would like to generate a report where, given an ID_ANIMAL (selected by the user in a combo), it brings me all the medical consultations made by the animal. If I think about it at the database level, it would be something as simple as doing a SELECT FROM MEDICAL_QUESTS WHERE ID_ANIMAL = xxxx. But I’m not realizing how to do it in Appsheet. Could any of you give me a hand with this?

Really, there are good examples and one is almost identical to yours but with Order and Orderitems

PS: Check templates and Start expression


For each reference between tables AppSheet creates Reverse Referense virtual column for “master” table which contains list of all child records.
You can use data stored in that column without any “SELECT FROM…”

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