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I have built a very simple to do list for our company. Essentially 7 or so people have access to add jobs that need done and assign them to different people in the organization. i want to then display this data on a screen in a common area (our staff room). My concern is that from the time data is entered on the app to the time it shows on the screen, it takes 30 minutes? is there a way to make this sync more instant?

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No worries. All you have to do is manually tap the sync button in the app. Then, after just a few seconds (the smaller your app, the faster) all of your data will be represented on the screen. Currently, I do this with a simple survey app I’ve made for classes I teach and it works well.

This seems to only refresh my app. not the data on the screen. What are you showing on the screen? I am trying to use the browser link through the share app screen. is there a better way? Sorry i am new to appsheet.

As I understand it, you want to use a screen display as a “monitor” - something that automatically updates on it own in near real time for employees to view as they walk by or just glance at throughout the day.

Unfortunately, this kind of capability does not currently exist within the AppSheet platform. Though I encourage you to open a Feature Request for it. It would be a good addition.

The fastest automatic update of a device is 30 minutes. The only way it can happen faster is by user activity on that device.

There is one alternative I can think of:

  1. EDITED: I originally thought a browser refresh would update data as well, but as you said, it does not, it only refreshes the app.

  2. Create the display with something else. For example if you are using Google sheets, you can create a fairly good looking display within the sheet. Most likely you would want to create a separate sheet that pulls in the raw data from the source sheet. Once done you can show the Google display and have a near real time updated view.

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i like the google sheet idea, might look at creating a nicer display in there. I’m no spreadsheet wizard so will have to do some research. And yes you are correct in using the screen as a monitor.

I imagine now that appsheet is apart of google cloud, the instant update would be in the works as all other google stuff is near instant.

Its not a matter of being part of Google cloud.

Instant updates are a touchy matter because there needs to be a balance between frequency of updates and battery life on mobile devices - where most AppSheet apps run.

I agree that an option for more frequent updates would be nice.

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One option is if you use a Chrome Addon like “Super simple Auto Refresh”. With the Addon you can resfresh the data like every 15sec etc.


Thanks! I now see that I had misunderstood what what @jamie_moore was trying to achieve. Sorry for the confusion.

Will this refresh the data? As I commented above, I thought a browser refresh would be an option too but I tested it and the data did not update upon a refresh of the browser itself.

Not an issue. That’s the point of a community. We all see a problem through different lenses. This community helps align the lenses to “focus” on A solution (there could be many). I have picked a LOT from all of your posts!


Yes it will do that. You just need to add your app link with refresh & wipe before starting the Refresh. This is the syntax sample…


Got it!

I am only vaguely familiar with web URL syntax…so for others who might want to know.

My original Browser link displayed like this:<more>

to use @Aleksi 's suggestion, I needed to change it to this:<more>
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You’re welcome