Simplify automations (kind of.. I don't know)

I appreciate how generalized the new automations are - you can do A LOT with the new structure of bots, events, processes, steps, tasks, actions. Truly designed by software engineers :slight_smile:

However, sometimes it feels like Russian Doll. Let’s say you just want to change the value of a of column in a row when it is first added. You have to create a bot, that calls a process, which has a step, that calls a task, that calls an action. And you have to give each one a name! It can be awkward and clumsy.

Maybe if there was some kind of way to create simple bots that didn’t have the Russian Doll effect. I don’t know…that might be really hard to support along with normal bots.

Maybe we just have to get over the learning curve…it’s just a lot for simple bots and it is difficult to keep track of all the names.


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