Simulate a Timer in your app

This sample app shows an example for how to create a timer in AppSheet. Feel free to use any features in the example as a starting point to create a timer in your App.

The app simulates a timer by using columns to log “Time Started” and “Time Stopped.” The view “Start Timer” is linked to a slice of data. The slice of data contains the fields the user needs to see when they start a new timer. When a timer is started, AppSheet creates a new row and populates the fields filled out by the user. To stop the timer, go to the “Active Timers” view and click the action to the left of the timer. The icon is linked to the “Stop Timer - Launch” action. This is a grouped action and executes the following: 1) Set the “Time Stopped” column; 2) Calculate the duration between “Time Stopped” and “Time Started”; 3) Redirect to the “Finished Timers” view.