Simulate edition of a column with readonly dataset/table

i’ve searched in the community but I didn’t find a solution for my need.
If my issue was already mentionned in a post, please excuse me!

My point:

  • I have a dataset readonly (eg: a table in BigQuery) which data can be updated from the source (eg BigQuery)
  • But I need to simulate the edition of a column
  • Example:
    table customer with: id, name (bigquery table with columns: id,name)
    I need to simulate the edition of a new column: name_edited

Actually I use a “hack”:

  • create a view in BigQuery with this column added (name_edited)
  • use AppScript to import BigQuery view in a sheet (GSheet connected sheet doesn’t work well)
  • add this GSheet in AppSheet
  • use a Bot “when data updated” to add a line in a new sheet (lines with name_edited filled)
  • merge the lines from BigQuery and lines updated in a BigQuery view

Is there another way ?
How can I do that ?
Is there any way to create a kind of view in AppSheet?
NOTE: I’ve tested the Ref type but it’s not my need, it’s a one to many relation, and I need one to one.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Edition? Or addition?

An Edition of the data

ID:1 Name: John
Id need to be able to do:
ID:1 Name: John Name_edited: Mark