Simultaneous sign-in to multiple devices I've...

(Keith Winston) #1

Simultaneous sign-in to multiple devices I’ve got an important app test coming up. One of the things that would help things go well is the ability for a single user to be able to sign in to multiple devices simultaneously. I notice that users are counted as single email sign-ins, and are able to use up to 5 devices each. In this test (and maybe long-term app use) I may need to use 2 or more devices per user simultaneously (i.e. desktop and mobile). Does anyone know if this creates problems? Thank you!

Ummm: I’m much more confused than I thought, after reading this in the FAQ: Does AppSheet pro-rate charges when changes are made midway through a billing cycle? Yes, changes to your plan or license count take effect immediately. The value of the prior plan for the remainder of the month is applied as “Unused time” credit to the next invoice, and a new pro-rated charge for the new plan is added for the remainder of the month. As a result, the next invoice will contain two line-items for each change made during the prior billing period.

My point is: if I’ve got many users for one day, do I get charged for a month of many users? I can cut down on the users by using multiple devices for each sign-on, if that works. It’s pretty important that this goes well. If all was equivalent, I’d probably opt for the larger number of sign-ins rather than using simultaneous sign-ins.

If anyone wants to fill in a specific example: imagine 70 users at the Secure Premium $5/mo level for one day, and maybe 3 users for the rest of the month, and for the following month. It’s hard to know what the longer-term future holds, but it will rest on this day going well.

Whew! Thanks so much for any insights!

(Tony Fader) #2

@Keith_Winston It’s totally fine to be simultaneously logged in to desktop and mobile. Let me know if you’re having any issues with it.