Since Yesterday My Launch Images Are Blurry

Not sure if this is related to yesterday’s “Fix for lag related to large background images.” but my launch images are all blurry as of yesterday. Anyone else having this issue?


Attn @Adam

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I expect it is related and I think I see the reason. Thanks for reporting it. Hoping to get a fix out tomorrow.


Just checking in on this. My images still appear blurry both in the launch screen as well as images in gallery view.

Sorry, I should have given an update as it ended up being more involved than I thought at first. The change is now pending review, if all goes well I’d expect it to be released later this week or early next week.


@Jordan_Davis1 Also, once the change lands it will be rolled out gradually. If you message me with the ID number of the account that owns the app I can make sure it’s included early.