Single Child Multiple Parent


I have a app in which I have multiple products and these products have individual Measurement Table these do have a Primary Key and these also have a room id (ID in table in which quote process starts) which acts as a foreign key and the workflow in which I want the app to work is from the multiple measurement table for various products,it should map it to a Quote table where in cost shall be calculated based on Measurement input done in individual table.The measurement table have Quote table id has foreign key. The issues I am facing are as follows :

  1. When the Work flow is initiated and the first measurement for a customer is filled the quote ID comes as a drop and not as a button. Though the quote form is opened.This I understand is because I am using reverse reference and the quote id is added as a reference in Measurement Tables.

  2. When the second measurement is being filled for a customer the Quote ID,first it asks the user to select the the quote ID(which I would like to avoid and automatically the quote form should open up and add the second measurement as a line item in which first measurement was added) and secondly the form does not open and only asks for selection in Quote id column.

I am attaching image of diagram of the which shows clear mapping and wanted some advice whether the structure is okay or does it needs changes.Any advice would be very helpful.

I have also tried by maintaining the Measurement Table ID as foreign key in Quote Table but then to show Quote Table link view in Measurement table is not possible as current IS part of can be done for only 1 ref in appsheet.