Six views in bottom navigation bar?!

I was under the impression that we could index up to five views in our bottom navigation bars:

Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 12.36.38

But, lo and behold, I have six:

It’s just a coincidence that my app’s quote for the day is “It always seems impossible until it’s done” . . . or IS it? :wink:

Is this new? And, is this wonderful improvement related to this temporary glitch?

I just noticed that this has already been pointed out . . . as you can see from the image from my app editor, the app editor still says “allow five”:

This may not last . . .

Hey everyone,

Kirk is correct – this isn’t something we’re intending to support. However, we’ve been designing some improvements to the navigation specifically for larger displays. We’re also interested in making our views a little more flexible, making it less necessary for an app to need so many separate views. This will likely address people’s need for lots of views!

If you have a lot of views in your app, I’m curious:

  1. How many views are representing the same table, but with different filters or groupings?

  2. How many views are representing different tables entirely?

Let me know in this thread – it’ll help use figure out some future designs.


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Thanks for the response, @morgan!

As I’ve written in the following I’m using basically one main sheet (augmented by a few others for some maintenance tasks, etc.) with lots of slices that are the basis for lots of views in my flashcard app:

Though it may not be the way AppSheet is intended to work, I’m also using detail views as index pages (with links to other views) so that augments what I can do with one spot the menu bar.

Finally, using conditions, I have different views occupy the same point on the lower bar in different situations. This also helps me save on lower bar and menu real estate.