Sizing header's length on deck views


Thanks AppSheet for the new update solving the overlapping between “Primary header” & “Summary column” on the deck views.

However, the cropped text looks a bit too short. Is there a way to adjust the cropping length?

Please give your vote to the following post instead,


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CAUTION: This is a bit in conflict with those of use who have requested width changes to the Summary field (the one to the far right in the image above). See request (and linked requests) below. There was a recent change to the Summary field to accommodate large width data such as a Date. I wouldn’t want to see that changed.

This request is exactly why developers need control over the viewing widths WHEN fields are set in the view side by side. Developers need to, invariably, adjust the widths to suit their specific use cases.

I suggest checking the width of your views on actual devices you expect the app to be used on. The emulator in the editor uses the MINIMUM format. Most devices nowadays actually have larger widths and the view may actually look fine as it is … in most cases.


Thanks for the info.

The snapshots of my devices are not much different from the posted image.

For deck views, I think a neat way may be AppSheet:-

-gives an option for users be able to adjust/reserve the width of “Summary column”.


-positions the “Summary column” above/under the “Primary header”.


Agreed…with the understanding that the Primary Header field fills in the rest of the row.


I’d like to direct others to a similar Feature Request linked below. It has more traction. Please consider “moving” your vote there to help move the feature request up the list and get more attention. Otherwise, the votes are spread out over multiple similar requests and all of them stay at the bottom.