Slack Webhook Payload Error

Hi I am trying to get reports to send me a slack message everyday with the work left to invoice.

Which is fine I can get that to work no problem.

What I am trying to do is integrate the below but when I add it to the Post Payload it doesn’t run.

curl -X POST --data-urlencode “payload={“channel”: “#crm-reminders”, “username”: “webhookbot”, “text”: “This is posted to #crm-reminders and comes from a bot named webhookbot.”, “icon_emoji”: “:ghost:”}”“WEBHOOK URL”

I can get this to run
payload={“text”: “A very important thing has occurred! <|Click here> for details!”}
If I remove the Payload= at the beginning.

Any ideas what I may be doing wrong.

Oh and I have tried the web hook set to custom and Slack



What error is being returned?

I’ve always just setup slack webhook integrations for each specific channel, instead of specifying the channel in the payload.

You just need to enter something like this into the “Body” field:

{“text” : “text to display in slack” }

No need for the “ayload=” at the beginning.

Make sure JSON is selected as the “HTTP Content Type”

Hi Marc

Thank you for your reply. As I said above I can get a standard message to send to slack.

What I can’t get to work is when I want to redirect to another channel or rename the bot.

When I use “Pipe-dream” I can get it to redirect to another channel or rename the bot.

Is app sheet not capable of doing it ?

It doesn’t actually generate a error it just doesn’t run.



I’m not sure, sorry. I think I remember having trouble with the same thing through Appsheet, yet being succesful with curl and/or sending the webhooks with a google apps script.