Slice Action Doesn't show up

Currently I’m using the slice action: “add a new row to another table from this row” which should not require any edit/add new record from the source table.

I already know that slice should no be “read_only” in order for the actions to show up.

However, is there another way to show the slice action even if the source is read-only? I don’t want anyone to edit anything from my source table…Since the action does not require any changes in the source.

No. It wouldn’t make sense to tag the source table as read-only and then allow changes to be made to it later.

What you can do is set the Table to allows Adds and then just simply hide (do not display) the Add System Actions so that your custom Action is the only place that can add rows.

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Hi John Baer,

Thank you for the response. I tried what you suggested but it seems the “Allow Update” is required for this action, instead of “Allow Add”. Then, I just hid the Edit button. :slight_smile: thanks again for your help!

Although just to be clear:
Source Table - “Read_only”, no changes happen. And I don’t intend to have any changes.
Destination Table - Is already set to “Add allowed”, where the changes occur based from the values in the source table.

Slice Action - it resides in the source table, but changes occur only in the destination table. “add a new row to another table from this row”

Ahh, I wasn’t reading it right…even though you clearly spelled it out. Funny thing is that there is a bug opened for this problem which I also tested and confirmed myself - just didn’t remember it until i read your second post!

Below is the link for the bug. You might add to it your observations so that it is refreshed and given new life.

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Oh, so you guys labeled this into a feature request instead. I should do the same. However, I already did as you suggested earlier. And it worked well for me. Thank you very much for your help! Appreciate it!

Features and Bugs are different. The link item I provided is labeled as a Bug. You don’t really want to open a new one. But posting in the one I linked will bubble it to the top of the list where it will get re-newed attention.