Slice based on the useremail() & info on 2 different tables

Hi everyone !

It seems other people posted similar topic but I can’t find my solution. So here it is :

I have a sheet gathering a lot of data (BIGDATA) : on each row appears the user NICKNAME (+ other data). The column name is [ID].
I want to create a slice of BIGDATA filtered by the actual user connected to the App.
For this I have a second sheet USER_LIST that links each NICKNAME (column [NickName] to their EMAIL.

My slice formula is :


It works fine except that when the field [ID] of BIGDATA is empty (which is possible and acceptable) the line with no ID appears in the slice which I don’t want.

I tried the ISNOTBLANK() function but doesn’t work.

Any idea ?

Try with:

    [ID] = ANY(SELECT(USER_LIST[NickName],[Email]=USEREMAIL()))
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Thanks you Levent

Okay it makes sense and it works !

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