Slice based on user input

Hello, there is a way to show users of a list based on their email address. For example, when an email has @ bring me the entire list of users who have that same ending?

Try to test by using SPLIT() expression, to actually “split” all the email address into two elements by @
This can be done in your virtual column. (VC1)

Then create another VC, using index() expression to get the 2nd item out of this first vc generated list. (VC2)

It should get so called Domain out of all the email on the whole list.

Check the domain of log in user by expression something like

index(split(useremail(), “@”),2)

I m not testing this with my apps, but should extract the domain of log in users email.

Then afterward compare this result with VC2, probably best use case with filtering expression with new SLICE.

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  (INDEX(SPLIT([_THISROW].[Email], "@"), 2) = INDEX(SPLIT([Email], "@"), 2))

Will this expression be used in the virutal column?

You can use it where ever you want. What do you want to accomplish, specifically?

I have a list of users from two different business units and, based on the user’s login, he would bring me the list of users from unit X or Y. But I already managed to do that. Thanks!

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