Slice bug maybe?

Hi, here is my issue,

I have a slice with a working formula , when I’m testing the formula from the Expression Assistant it is working like a charme.

But on my slice only a fraction of the data is selected.

To illustrate, I have 3 conditions for my slice, 2 of them are yes/no and one is IN( _value, _list())

But from that list, it is only picking 1 of the values .

Again, only in the displayed data, in the Expression Assistant all the values from the list are checked .

Update, it works when I’m hard coding my list, but not when I’m trying to get the list from a lookup() , It is changing my syntaxe automatically by ANY(SELECT()) for some reason .

LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), “app_settings” , “Utilisateur”, “Commune”)
Is transforme in :
ANY(SELECT(app_settings[Commune_text],([Utilisateur] = USEREMAIL())))

Whene testing the expression

Any ideas why ?

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