Slice condition editor "improvement" is a step backward

I noticed a change in the slice condition editor today:

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 13.24.54

A line to describe the expression is now available. I didn’t use it intentionally but perhaps I did something wrong and that caused the expression I thought I had entered to go into the description box. Once that happened, fixing the situation was a real puzzle.

Here’s what I saw:

It looks pretty close to what I’m used to but all I saw on the right was a sort of rectal image (well, it started looking that way to me as I got more frustrated :wink: ).

The only way I could find to fix the situation was to get rid of the text and then click on one of the “SUGGESTIONS”:

Then, I could finally distinguish between the “Description” slot and the actual expression slot.

From here on out it was smooth sailing. I could replace the suggested expression with the one I wanted. No more a-- hole icons!

Since we don’t have a “heads up” category for stuff like this that we have noticed and have to use the question category, here’s my question: When will this be fixed?


I find that I start typing in the Row Filter Condition Box but then it won’t take. I always have to click on create a custom expression to get to the real editor. At that time, it puts what I typed into the Description box but NOT the expression box. I agree, it’s a step backward. Seems like I should be able to type directly into the Row Filter Condition box and have it accepted.


Attn @natalie


Thanks @Lucinda_Mason ! I don’t want to be overly critical. I’m sure it will be a real improvement when it gets fixed. :slight_smile:

I’ve written to about this so I think someone is probably working on it.


I agree. Please provide a single click entry into the expression assistant.