Slice data not showing consistently in Form


Need help pls as must be doing something that is creating an error.

I have a Slice that pulls data from a DB based on filter of FALSE in a certain column. When I check the data, it looks correct.

I want the user to be prompted by one variable pulled from the DB and then input a response that is recorded to the DB in another cell in the respective row.

I have set up a form that uses the slice data, however when I specify the two fields for display, the form is rendered with no data.

If I go into the Detail of the form, I can change the header column to include the reference question that I am asking the user, and then the answer field in the ‘Quick Edit Column’ and it works well.

The when I refresh the app, or load it in mobile, it only shows the empty user input boxes again and loses all the data.

If I change a detail. eg Use Card Layout, then it changes to display the correct format with data. When I save and reload, it loses all the data again.

Any ideas please?


Hi @Ambienz
I do not understand what is happening, do you have some screen shots and or your slice expression?

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Hi Lynn,

Attached are some workflow screen shots that I hope will help.

From a menu, the user can access either the Learning Pages of problem words, or a test of the knowledge of these words.

The data comes from a slice.

If they click on a test button they see this - with no content

If I change the view to table (for example), I can see the data I want

If I change some of the settings in the Form details, I can get closer to where I want to be.

Ideally I would like to have a ‘Next’ and ‘Back’ Button, and to remove the "I know this word’ button, but at this stage, that is wishful thinking.

However when I save it, or load on a mobile I get the old screen again rather than the screen above.

Ideally I want the app to pick a word (randomly at some stage) and ask the user what it means. Then store this information in the DB (this bit works fine).

I hope this explains my inconsistency. I thought it was using the same slice for the Learning and the Testing buttons, but I copied a new slice and I still get the same problems.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my problems