Slice deleted the table but

Slice is still showing on the links even though I deleted the table, how can I delete the remains completely. I try everyhing.

Please post a screenshot demonstrating the problem.

Slice: Dilim

I deleted the slice table but it still shows up, data is not displayed

It didn’t happen even though I cleared the past

Hello @Pointer, i can’t see the slice in your screenshot at all haha, so i’m guessing the problem is that it still appears inside your app?

I removed the slice, but it does not take action on the main table. I deleted the cookies but the situation is the same.

Well, did you remove the slice from all views and references that used it? they are not automatically removed if you delete the slice itself.

Does this table exist?


no there is, I deleted it but it is displayed

Please post a screenshot of all tables defined in Data >> Tables.

I deleted all references, there is no content anyway, only the slice table has a name

No slice, it did not give an error, nothing related to any slice table in the main table. I looked one by one. I can’t send a screenshot right now.

There is no problem when I create a slice with the same name, but I want to remove it.

I solved the problem: I changed the column name in the reference table and made a regenerate structure. Then I fixed it again.

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