Slice doesn't show all filtered rows

Hello friends, i’m trying to build an interactive dashboard that only shows the user the sites that he’s been assigned using a CurrentUser system, i have set up a slice of the sites table and a view, but i’m only getting the first filtered row, see here:

Here we can see that we have 3 rows that pass the filter expression for the slice, but once inside the app:

We can only see the first row.

Any clues on how to fix this? it’s really weird.

PD: Even the table data for the slice looks alright

Try this as your slice row filter expression instead:

    IN([_THISROW].[Obra_id], [Obras_ref])

The Obras_ref column is List or EnumList, yes?


It worked like a charm ! thank you @Steve, i’m not sure how that expression works tho, or even why my expression didn’t work as expected :joy:

It’s an EnumList indeed hehe


I suspect you ran into a difference in the way the Expression Assistant test feature and the app itself handles splitting lists of lists. There are several such inconsistencies (bugs) that one must work around. :frowning:

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