Slice expression referencing child table

What’s wrong with this?

AND(ISBLANK([Bunk Number Assigned]), ISNOTBLANK([Related DEMO Personnel Time in Time Out Sheets][Check In Time]), ISBLANK([Related DEMO Personnel Time in Time Out Sheets][Check out Time]))

It doesn’t give an error, but doesn’t display any data and I should show one person checked in waiting on a bunk number.

My bunk info is in the parent table and the time in/time out is the child table.

Instead of using ISBLANK or ISNOTBLANK, try to use COUNT([Bunk Number Assigned])=0 etc.

Not sure I understand. Count on all three of those items?

I’m creating the slice on the personnel sheet where the bunk info resides but need it filtered based on the time table.

Think I got it! Had to change around the table for the slice! woohoo

Excellent :slight_smile: