Slice: Is View Data and UX View different?

I can see the filtered rows on View Data Button, but I cannot filter on UX View. Is there any settings to UX View will be the same to View Data?

From where are you clicking “View Data”?
You can filter data with the Row Filter Condition on a slice.
You can Sort or Group data from the UX View definition.
You can use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() expression to create an action to go to a view with only certain data shown.
I’m not real sure exactly what you’re after though.

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I clicked this button.

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() expression is new to me. I try.

Is your UX View pointed at this slice, or just to the base table?

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UX view looks different.

You need to change this field right here to point at your “not yet delivered” slice.


Thank you. I could do it.