Slice Name Issue

Hi everyone,

I am new to Appsheet.

The slice name is 'Requests.Request Status (starts with an atrophy). After removing the atrophy from name or rename something else, there is error on View Data.The message is Error showing table ‘Requests.Request Status’. Requests is the source table.

I checked other demo Apps, there is no need to have source table in slice name.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Please post a screenshot of the error message.

Here is the error message:


Whoa! I don’t know what the problem is at all! @Aleksi, can you chime in here?

Hi William, If you want I can check your app. For doing that would you please go to My Account > Settings and check the box next to “Allow AppSheet staff to access all of my apps…” and click Save? That will allow us to take a look at the app. Thanks

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Hi Aleski,

Please go ahead. I 've updated setting .


Hi William, I fixed your app. When you have tried to change the Slice name, you still had Detail and Form views for that slice and it was complaining about that.


Tank you. Aleksi.

You’re welcome