Slice not referencing the table

I have created two slices that both reference a column called “Project Name”. In the form of the “Tile Orders” slice the form correctly references Project Name and automatically enters the project ID. In the Project Installer slice form the form is not referencing the Project Name and is entering an UniqueID. I believe I have followed the same steps, but I’m getting different results. Also at the bottom of the Tile Orders form the View states “Tile Orders_Form” and the appropriate view was created. With the Project Installers form the View states “form” and the appropriate view was never created. Does anyone have any ideas what I’ve left out?

I believe what’s happening is you’ve not restricted the Valid If values, so it’s still showing the entire table’s data… but the slice only contains a sub-set of that data - and only the sub-set will display properly, the other records will display like you’re seeing (showing the key, not the label).

Do you have a valid if formula for any of these dropdowns?

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Thanks for your response. I love your video by the way, they’ve been very helpful.

I believe I did what you suggested and restricted the Valid_If value.

Unfortunately nothing changed. I’m trying to create a related view relationship with REF_ROWS() as referenced in the appsheets docs,

Blockquote Magical Behavior

If a column’s App formula consists exclusively of a simple REF_ROWS() expression, a row added from the resulting list’s inline view will automatically be populated with a reference back to the row of the REF_ROWS() expression, creating a child-parent relationship. The parent reference will be placed in the column named by the ref-column argument of the REF_ROWS() expression.


I’ve done this successfully before, but the result this time is no connection to the “Project Name” column.
This is what I did before with a different slice using REF_ROWS and I got the result I wanted as shown in the blue highlighted area.

Did I not understand what you were suggesting? Any further ideas would be greatly appreciated.