Slice question - I have a few columns that wo...

(Tammi Canelli) #1

Slice question - I have a few columns that won’t delete from my slices.

Even though I remove them and save they just keep reappearing.

Any idea why?

They are timestamp columns but not needed in the slice I’m working on.

(Michael) #2

Have you tried regenerating the columns?

(Tammi Canelli) #3

I thought that was only if you had column changes in your underlying sheet.

I still need the columns there I just don’t want them in a few slices.

(Michael) #4

@Tammi_Canelli So, if I understand you, you need the columns present in the table but have removed them from the slice but, they continue to show up in the slice after saving? That would be odd and not something I’ve encountered. I would suggest creating a new slice that is identical except for the unwanted columns and see if the same thing happens. If the creation of the new slice works as expected, point the views to the new slice and delete the the old one.

(Stephen Mattison) #5


I just noticed these reappearing columns in my Slice as well.

My Form that works off that Slice still seems to show only the Columns that I want.

I did think that part of the magic of the Slice is that it would not allow the app to even send data “not on the list” to the device.

(Tammi Canelli) #6

@Stephen_Mattison my form is showing the columns

  • not a huge deal but I’m trying to avoid confusing people that don’t need to see the info