Slice returning different values on different devices?

I do not have any security filters, all users should see same results…

  1. I have a “Merch” table with items that displays for the most current location from a table called “Locations” using text type virtual column with formula (working as expected):
    MAXROW(“Locations”, “Time Stamp”, ([Merch ID]=[_THISROW].[Merch ID]))

  2. I have created a slice on the “Locations” table to see recent location changes by unique Merch ID with this row filter condition:
    AND(([Location Key] = [Merch ID].[Current Location]), [Time Stamp]>=Today()-1)

Everything seemed to be working as expected, however, when testing it out, my Location Changes Report view displays different results on desktop than my phone, also saw two different results on two phones when testing. What would cause the results to vary like this? No security filters in use, same app versions. Thanks for the assistance!

Hi @Neal_MF_Harper What happens if you clear the cache on your browser, not just sync?

Hi Lynn!
Thanks for the feedback!
Reinstalling the app corrects the issue, but starts happening again as records are edited. Support is looking into the issue now, I’ll try to post back here if there is a resolution.
Have a great day!


Delta sync issue, my Merch Location was a VC so it didn’t trigger as updated to some devices.