Slice row filter condition for child record in list

I have an app containing a shopping cart similar to the sample app Order Capture. It has a two tables with a parent child relationship to relate orders with individual products ordered.

I am trying to create a slice of the parent table to filter out orders that have already shipped completely from those that have not had all individual products ship. I have created a column in the child table that the user will set a true flag when the product ships, this column has an initial value of false. The parent table contains the List half of the ref relationship between the two tables the ref in the child table is set with ISPARTOF.

i tried using this formula on Slice of the Parent Table, it did not error but it didn’t display anything.
IN(“FALSE”,[Child List Column][Shipped?])

hI @Seth_Berman,

If I have correctly understood your requirement , please try following.

Please create a VC in the parent table with expression [Child List Column][Shipped?], Say this VC is called [Shipped Status Parent] Please base your slice expression on this VC such that the slice expression is something like

IN(“FALSE”, [Shipped Status Parent])

I believe since you are using the list expression directly in the slice filter without using it in a column, the app does not return any rows even though technically your slice expression is correct. I believe there is no column in any row that satisfies the condition, so the slice returns empty in the expression mentioned by you.

I have tested for both the conditions and it works with a VC in place as I mentioned.

that worked like a charm!! thank you. it even shows me which of the individual products have shipped and which haven’t, nice solution.

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Thank you for the update @Seth_Berman. Nice to know that the approach worked as per your requirement.