Slice row filter conditions work properly in the test pane, but I don't get any rows when actually put in place

So I’ve got a bit of a complex setup where my users (in table roster) have an assigned business unit # (in table roster). Users make entries in a table (table daily_screen) and I need to filter who sees those screen entries based on the user_entry users’ business unit #s, and the current user’s entries in another table (business_unit_supervisor).

So all daily_screen entries have an employee_id which relates them back to the roster table where we find that user’s business unit. And the supervisors who review the daily_screens have one or more entries in business_unit_supervisor defining which daily_screens they should see.

I have an app formula which works in the row filter test, but when I actually save it, the slice view is empty.


[create_timestamp] > TODAY() - 7,
	ANY(SELECT(roster[bu_code], [employee_id] = [_THISROW].[employee_id])), 
	SELECT(business_unit_supervisor[business_unit_id], [employee_id] = NUMBER(ANY(SELECT(roster[employee_id], [email] = USEREMAIL())))))


The bare reason is you look for the employee_id with USEREMAIL() and the editor is reading your own email address to filter the table. If you want to test how any one of your white-labelled user see in the app, you can mimic their email address simply by entering their white-labelled email address to the Preview as property of the editor just above the mobile preview and then hit apply:

I have created entries for myself in the business_unit_supervisor table, so there are actually items in there that line up with my email address – we can see that it does work in the function test screenshot – there are daily_screen entries whose associated user business codes line up with entries matching my entries in business_unit_supervisor