Slice Row Filter Conditions

Is it possible to have 2 separate Row filter conditions in one slice?

I don’t want to show rows that are older than 1 day for [Status] = “Canceled” OR “Closed”.

The 2 filters are:

  1. NOT (AND (([Status] = “Closed”), ([Drop Off Date/Time] < (NOW() - “024:00:00”))))

  2. NOT (AND (([Status] = “Canceled”), ([Canceled Date/Time] < (NOW() - “024:00:00”))))

The slice and filter work when there is just one statement in the row filter.
But I want to show the view with both of these conditions present.

Can I have more than 1 filter condition in a slice row filter (it seems not.)?
Is there another way I can have both filters active on a View - I tried having a slice call a slice but that didn’t work.

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This does not work. I just tried it.
It is not a conditional this or that that I am looking for.

I have a group by [Status] on my view. All potential statuses (open, closed, canceled, complete - for example) are listed on the screen.

I want to show all the canceled and all the closed that are less than 1 day old.


  NOT (AND (([Status] = “Closed”), ([Drop Off Date/Time] < (NOW() - “024:00:00”)))),
  NOT (AND (([Status] = “Canceled”), ([Canceled Date/Time] < (NOW() - “024:00:00”))))
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this is what I have:

But when I have both conditions in the filter neither one of them works.

When I use just one of the conditions in the filter (ex. “closed”) then the filter is active and closed jobs older than 24hrs are not displayed in the view.

I have no error msgs anywhere. What is strange is it works when their is just one condition. So, its not like there is an issue elsewhere within the app.

Also, the closed and canceled status’ are not mutually exclusive. They are both supposed to appear in the view (if less than 24hrs old).

What does Test tell you?


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When I only use the “Canceled” filter this is the result of test on 1 row (shows as being FALSE).

When I use the OR filter (closed and canceled) the same row shows as being TRUE.

Here is a screenshot of the other columns in this row - showing the date/time of Canceled Date/Time column (more than 24hrs old)


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In what way is that result wrong?

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Please reread my thread.

I do not want a true/false result that is evaluated based on an OR. The OR couples both NOT filters and returns one true/false value based on the entire statement.

I want 2 independent filters:

  1. That filters out all [status] = canceled AND older than today - 1
  2. That filters out all [status] = closed AND older than today - 1

All other [status] are to be displayed on the corresponding view.

My original question was, can I have 2 filters in a slice.


I can’t make sense of your request.

A single slice can have only one filter expression, but that filter expression can match multiple “independent” conditions.

Are you trying to get the list of rows that are in neither of the filtered-out sets?

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Are you trying to get the list of rows that are in neither of the filtered-out sets?

Here is the view with the rows based on [status] (neither of the filtered out sets should be included)

Hmm. Okay, how about this?

  NOT (AND (([Status] = “Closed”), ([Drop Off Date/Time] < (NOW() - “024:00:00”)))),
  NOT (AND (([Status] = “Canceled”), ([Canceled Date/Time] < (NOW() - “024:00:00”))))
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This works.

Thank you.