Slice rows into groups of records

I need to create slices that group records together but in the order they were added to the excel sheet. As an example I have a sheet of records for competitors (numbered 1-200) at each gate (of which there are 10) that they have passed through. The gate judge creates a record for that competitor (ie competitor number 1 at gate 1). But the competitors don’t start in numerical order. The running order is random. I need to view all gate records for each competitor in groups of 20. So slice 1 would return the first 20 competitors to start; slice 2 the second 20; slice 3 the third 20 etc. Each slice would contain 200 rows (one row for each competitor at each gate). How would I best achieve this? I can do the grouping and sorting in the View settings but I need the slice criteria to split the data into separate chunks that can be exported. Thanks.

What’s your table schema? How competitor and gate tables (if any) are related? Scrshots possible?

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All columns are in a single table so no cross-table refs.

In the table, what I referred to as gate column is actually called Fence.

Is this 1-200 row numbers or competitor number or number of records? If so, your sheet shows 999 for Competitor for example

You mention about 10 gates (or Fences or whatever) but your sheet show even 16 as gate# at row number 13.

Unfortunately I haven’t understood this part. Can you elaborate?


Each competition varies with the number of gates/fences. Sometimes as low as 10. Sometime up to 30. In the sheet I screenshot there were 17 fences. But the solution needs to be the same however many fences there are so I don’t have to change it for each day of competition. I just gave 10 as an example.

Likewise there may be up to 300 competitors. However, the competition number they wear (column ‘Competitor’ in the sheet) could be anything. If an event runs 3 days of competition we may have competitors 1-300 on day 1; 301-600 on day two; 601-900 on day 3. At the last event we used 999 as a test competitor.

The competitors start a cross-country course on horseback and make their way over the fences. A new competitor starts the course every 2 minutes or so but they do not necessarily go in number order. If competitor 81 is ready before competitor 76 then 81 will go before. It is totally random. Each fence judge marks the horse on the app when they jump the fence. So I have a sheet that contains a record for each competitor at each fence but in a scrambled order. I need to create a view that shows each competitor (in batches of 20) at each fence but using the order that the competitors started in. I can nearly do it (see screen shot) by grouping records by competitor and sorting by fence BUT, I can only seem to get the competitors to show in numerical order. I need them in the order they started. I assume I need to use their row number somehow (or maybe the time they were recorded at fence 1) but I can’t seem to work it out.

Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 10.04.18.png