Slice Syntax


Hi All
Is it possible to create a slice which will give me the above design from the following table data?

The Monday, Tuesday etc are of the current week. The values are the SUM of TT.

The short answer is no. Slices do not transform data, they only allow filtering of rows, removal of columns or reduce the number of available Actions.

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You need to do some work:

  1. Create an Employee table
  2. Replace the employee column of YOUR_TABLE (The name of your table) by the ID column of the new Employee table
  3. Create Virtual Columns for each Day of week on Employee table, the formula will contain SUM( SELECT (… your date condition… )) (Write me if you need help to write the expression)
  4. Create an SLICE for Employee table name it Employee_Week_Resume and select the Virtual columns just created.
  5. Create a Table View

Hope it helps…

P.D. Don’t forget to add an ID column for YOUR_TABLE, using the RowNumber as primary Key is not a good idea