Slice table "Tache" with conditions applying to related table

Dear members.
I am new with Appsheet, This is a great application.

My wife is doing different activities .

  • personal : Running the house, Renting Appartments, Musical association, …
  • professional : Employed, her own business, business associations
    She wants a TODO application.

Here is an idea of the relevant table I set up

  • METIER (MetierName, Pro-Perso)
  • PROJECT (ProjectName, byref MetierName)
  • TASK (TaskName, DueDate, Priority, Finish, byref ProjectName)

I made relevant UX

  • PieChart of unfinished tasks by priority
  • List grouped by DueDate of unfinished tasks

What she wants is have a direct view of the Pro tasks

I don’t succeed in filtering in TASK table with a condition in METIER table.

I guess this is a combination with virtual columns and/or slices.

Could you help ?

Charles (with my wife’s account)

Hello Charles, [i’m french too]

What is the final goal of filtering the table task ? having a desired list tof task assioted with the right métier ?

Does your wife create her project, task etc… inside the APP or its just for visualisation ?

Thank you Jérémie for you answer. I continue in english.

Final Goal : have the view on Pro Task at first galnce when starting the app : major goal
Yes she insert through the mobile app.

I see,

So for creating a new task, you have to fill a form right ?

Selecting the métier type
Then Selecting or creating the project [Unique ID Project]
And finally adding one or more task to the project [Unique ID Task]

So the Row condition expression of the Tache Slice should be :

For example, [_THISROW-2].[Phone] retrieves the value of the Phone column of the grandparent Table.

[_THISROW] => Goes up to the top level.
[_THISROW-1] => Goes up one level to the “Parent”.
[_THISROW-2] => Goes up two levels to the “Grandparent”.
[_THISROW-3] => Goes up three levels to the “Great Grandparent”.
[_THISROW-n] => Goes up n levels.

To reach your Grand parent table [Métier] its [_THISROW-2]

[Task Table Column] = [_THISROW-2].[Métier Table column]


CONTAINS([_THISROW-2].[Métier Table column],“Pro”)

CONTAINS([_THISROW-2].[Métier Table column],“Perso”)

Tell me if this is helpfull, I’m not really an expert and don’t know your app structure and column

And i think you should read this too Dependent Dropdown