Slice using 2 email ids

I have created a task tracking table. I want to filter tasks based on 2 email Ids: the user id and manager id.
For example there are 100 tasks in total for 15 employees. Junior level employee should see his tasks while the senior employee should see tasks for himself and his subordinates

I have used [Email]= USEREMAIL() in the filter condition and it works perfectly for seeing individual entries. What should be the formula for a senior employee so that he can see his entry as well as his subordinates.
I want to create a single formula in the slicer to achieve my objective. There are 2 columns in my worksheet: one is “Email” for the employee and other is “Manageremail”

I tried OR([Email]=USEREMAIL(),[Manageremail]=USEREMAIL())

Try with this:

    {"" , ""}