Slice with only one value of a core field

I would like to eliminate the use a referenced spreadsheet to make data maintenance easier and wonder if there’s any way I can create a Slice with only one repeat of a field.

Specifically I have a table called Assignments with a column called JobId. Several Assignments have the same JobId and I would like to know if it is possible to create a slice that only includes one JobId. Naturally I will only include the other fields that are duplicated on all records with that JobId. I know it’s unusual to have such a flat table but my application lends itself to this type of structure. I am not sure what to enter into the Row Filter Condition to accomplish what I need.

If I’m interpreting your request correctly, try:

([_THISROW] = MAXROW("Table", "_ROWNUMBER", ([_THISROW].[JobId] = [JobId])))

This will give you only one row per JobId.

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Worked perfectly… Thanks

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