Slices control

i have 5 sliesc from one table i need To have each slices control the addition and update of a user, is it possible?
I saw a lot of topics, but I did not understand
I hope to find a solution

Better to read and study SLICE in general, I feel.

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I see that there is no answer to the question
Is there a formula for controlling adding, updating and reading?

Slice setting does that job.


Yes, I understand this but there is 5 slices for every slices user It controls adding, updating and reading

I want to make each slices a user-controlled constraint
I want to use in the slices the switch formula

I m not sure and dont understand what you want to do unfortunately.

My question is clear sir
Let me repeat my question
Assume you have 9 users and 5 slices, and you want to make for each slices a user restriction to add an update
Is there a transposition formula in the slices

Then i would suggest you consider approach with setting to actions.

Create actions (as much numbers as you want, delete, add whatever)

Each actions will be assigned to slices. (your decision to assing which action to which slice)

Apply showif constrains to each action using useremai() expressions.

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To understand more, I hope you give me an example

Slices have no built-in way to choose which user can change (add, delete, and/or update) the rows they contain. The most you can do at the slice level is control whether any user can add, delete, and/or update rows within the slice, as @tsuji_koichi showed above.

At the table level, you can control which individual users can change rows within the table, but that control affects all rows of the table. You cannot control which specific rows in the table individual users can change.


To control what changes individual users can make to which rows, you have to configure the system-generated actions for that table. The actions are Add, Delete, and Update. The specific setting you need to change is Only if this condition is true.

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