Is it possible to create a form based on a slice?

I’d like a form to be pulled based on a selection from the user. So if the user selects a value from a dropdown list than the associated form (from the slice) is shown.

Havn’t seen to much information out there on this topic but sounds like this is a LINKTOFORM but I haven’t found too much information or examples on how to do this.

Let me know, thanks!

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Yes, it is possible to have forms based on slices. As you noted, you can do this with LINKTOFORM() or if you are working with reference tables, point the reference to the slice.

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Hi Jonathan,
Okay, thanks. I wonder if we could get to specifics on how to do this properly.

I have an enum column called ACTIVITIES which a user can select RUN, BIKE, YOGA.

I’d like it so that when RUN is selected the RUN slices form is pulled up. Similarly when BIKE is selected the BIKE form is pulled.

I’ve created the RUN SLICES based off the larger data set. Do I need to include a Row filter condition in the setup? Do I only allow “Adds”?

Also, going back to column ACTIVITIES, how do I write the expression to pull so that the slices are called up?


You are wanting to select a value {RUN, BIKE, YOGA} from within a form, and have an ISPARTOF reference to a slice appear, so you can add to it. Am I understanding this correct?

If this is correct, then I’m afraid it won’t work the way you are trying to set it up. What you would need to do is create three virtual column references in the parent table, each to its own slice, and have these be conditionally shown based upon the value selected in ACTIVITIES. Unfortunately last I checked, AppSheet will only allow one ISPARTOF() record per table so the process breaks here.

There are probably better ways to get the interaction you’re looking for, but its hard to suggest one without a better understanding of your data model. e.g. parent/child record structure.