Slices, reports and Bypass Security Filters


I am trying to produce a report based on entries made by different users during a shift. There are 3 shifts so I want to produce a report at the end of each shift. I have a security filter set so each user can only see their entries in the app, but the report should include all users.

The way I tried to do this was create slices for each shift, and then have 3 reports which set the table to the slice table, and then in the report I use the Select. Then I clicked the “Bypass Security Filters” option as I don’t want the slices filtering on the username. I tested each slice individually by clicking “View Data” and they work, although they filter based on username.

This reporting doesn’t seem to work. Each report includes all data, and is not filtered based on the slice filter condition. Am I misunderstanding how slices/reports/bypass security filters work? By clicking “Bypass Security Filters” am I also bypassing the slice filter condition?

The other way way I could do this is to remove the email filter from the security filter and move it to a slice and then switch off “Bypass Security Filters” but that would degrade performance as the table grows. I’m hoping there is a simpler way?


One workaround… use the ByPass option but write the filter with your SELECT(…) formula directly on a template.

Hi Aleksi, while this would work, the problem with this is then I need 3 separate template files, one for each shift. Also I’m not sure the select statement would be very easy to read.

I thought my usecase might be quite common and I was just missing something to get the slice filter condition working.

The problem was in my template. I was using the select on the main table and not on the actual slice name. Once I used the slice name it worked.

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