Slices suddenly not working

Hi, all of a sudden, I noticed this late afternoon that all my Views that were associated with a Slice are not working and not displaying. No changes or updates were made in the app since a full day ago. My app was functional this morning. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing any similar weird activity in their apps.

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Hi, are you still seeing this weird behavior?

Hi Aleksi, I’m still having this problem in my app.

It has just resolved itself, but I’ve been having intermittent issues this evening where no data is visible in my app and then the data reappears when I re-sync the app. When the data is missing, it will be missing for 10 minutes or so and re-syncing doesn’t fix anything - rather it will just suddenly appear again when the intermittent issue resolves.

I’ll submit a ticket to with a more thorough description and some screenshots.

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@Aleksi thanks for checking, yes my Slice issue is resolved. It was related to the update last night.

What update was done? I had an app that was changed because of a system update and had to restore it to an earlier version. In the 2 years Ive been using appsheet this was the first time a system update altered any of my apps and I never found out why.

@tcanelli It was an issue with blank views.