Slices Troubleshoot

I have a slice set up that filters my data so that if a row is marked as “Done” it hides the row in the app. This current slice works just fine for the table of data it is linked to. I tried to copy the slice to preform the same function but for a different table of data and for some reason it is not having the same effect. Instead of eliminating all the rows that are marked as “Done” it eliminates the first row marked as such and then every row after that. So in theory it is no longer “slicing” my data. Thought the columns are not identical between the two tables of data, they are fairly similar so not sure if it is the column structure perhaps. Honestly do not even know where to look.

Any idea what setting might be throwing this off?

Please provide a screenshot of the complete row filter expression, and of the column list of the table the slice is built upon.

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Slice info attached

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Column Info attached

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Try to change your condition to

[Done?] <> TRUE

Also recommend changing your initial value for Done? to “yes” not @(_FILL). I don’t even know what that formula does but I do know that’s the old syntax for appsheet. Also if possible I’d get rid of the ? in your column name I don’t know how that would affect it but it probably not recommended.


I removed the @(_FILL) and that seemed to fix the issue…thank you!


Appsheet auto converts “Yes” and “No” to True and False when evaluating formulas; I’ve found “Yes” and “No” to actually be the better choice more often than True and False which annoys the programmer in me almost as much as <> instead of !=.

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I prefer to just use the value of the Yes/No column:


to test if [Done] is FALSE.