Slide Show No Longer Working in Detail View?

So this could be maybe just myself not being observant enough, but I have a problem where I have a table view along with a detail view in a dashboard and in the relevant detail view I have ‘Slide Show’ enabled. I was under the impression that even in a dashboard the Slide Show ability worked even if the detail view was inside a dashboard, but in my case when in mobile the arrows for the next/previous row do not show up.

Now when in browser view, in the same detail I have the switch to next/previous records represented as arrows at the top of that view, now in this particular case when I do previous/next rather than going to the next record it will jump several rows instead.

Anyone have a similar issue or could point me in the right direction what the problem might be?

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Has anyone taken a look at this?

I am seeing similar problems. I just created a dashboard with two Detail views. The Slide Show arrows are not appearing in the Mobile view. In browser I see the arrows in upper right-hand corner but they do nothing.

However, If I add the same Detail view to the Menu by itself, that Detail view shows the navigation arrows and will transition between the Detail views for each row.

UPDATE: If I place the emulator in tablet mode, this displays the dashboard in the same layout as browser but in this case the Next/Previous buttons DO work and transitions between the Detail views for the rows

NOTE: I only have two rows presently.

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