Slight Problem with formula expression

Hey everyone, Im having a slight problem here. Im thinking it should be pretty simple but cant figure it out,

I have 2 tables.

Display Lot Numbers & Vendor Display Lot Numbers.

the Lot Number in red from Display Lot Numbers is referanced from Lot number in green. from Vendor Display Lot Numbers. This is all fine.

The problem im having is when a user creates a new lot number from within the Display lot numbers table circled in red.

They go to to select a lot number

They create a new one from within the list

This is where the issue im having is. Im trying to figure out what formula I would use to auto fill the Vendor Display enum.

Any Help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you,

It totally depends from where you can read/select that related value. Do you have anything in your Display Lot Number record?

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Ok, I think Ive figured it out but I completly restructered everything so this question is not really relavent.

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Okay thanks for this info.