Slightly annoying onboarding Bug

If the user has gone through the entire on boarding form, whenever the user opens the on boarding view again it should restart, currently it always opens back up to the last slide Evan if they have finished the entire thing,

Please change this, “Request straight from the User”


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You should withdraw this post and redo it as a Feature Request.

Yes but I don’t think this should be considered a request, more like a bug.
It will take forever there.

Perhaps. I’m just thinking it’s more of an oversight. Since every other view “remembers” where you were when you left it, it’s probably related to that. If you exit Onboarding midway, and come back it resumes at the same spot. That’s why I made the suggestion.

Yeah, Its not a bug but it shouldn’t be normal behavior. :slight_smile:


Def something that would be nice to have control over. Kinda like the…

that we have for fields. A way to say, “Reset on view? - Should the view reset to the first page when a user opens the onboarding view?”


Yes or Evan an expression for what page/row to start at…
This way we can have help actions than can go straight to the on boarding page that is connected to the action…

Just another way to use on boarding.

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Any Updates on this?

I’m looking to see if this has changed. Even after re-syncing in the emulator, it returns to the page I was on. But that isn’t as frustrating for as not being able to figure out how to open another view/form when the last slide of the onboarding form has been read. Can a Start button be added to start the app and open the first data entry form?

In “UX” on the “Views” tab, expand the “VIEW OPTIONS” panel.

From the “Finish view” dropdown, you can select the view to go to after the user clicks, “DONE”.

Yes, that was recently added. See my post Answered: ONBOARDING View now has a FINISH VIEW!

Not sure if your app is showing different set of view as mine, but when I reach to upper right (end) of onboard view, the “next” button is greyed out. There is no done button is available.
I noticed the “finished view” setting was in place. I sent query how this setting is going to perform for app users, but there is no answers from

You still see “done” button on your app?

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@tsuji_koichi I still have the Done button.

I had that problem before the Finished View was added. I believe it was because ONLY “Menu” and “Ref” work with Onboarding Views. Anything else results in not having the DONE button. If you need me to, I can probably find the post where someone told me about that issue.

What is your’s set with?
Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 2.31.20 PM

My onboard view is set to main menu, Centre.

I will wait for to revert to my earlier query for clarification, thank you.