Slow Google Sheets on clients account

I have an issue with a client where an App is using a Google Sheets on a clients free google account. Any speadsheet changes and I get this

Also Appsheet is REALLY slow to do anything. Updating a single column then clearing takes 30+secs. When you add a new column it kinda shows up straight away but as Column_5. Then it takes 3-4 regen columns to get the correct name.

Anyone had anything similar?

I see this message on excel files loaded as GSheets. Is it actually a GSheet, or is it an excel file?

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Hmm I thought it was simply a XLSX that had been converted to Google Sheets. But now I’m not sure :thinking:

If it is an .xlsx opened in gsheets, then it’ll show an “.xlsx” icon at the top.


Can you point the App at a spreadsheet, assuming it has identical table and row names? Don’t want ot have to recreate this from scratch :cry:

Yah, easy. Just change its “source path”