Slow speeds

I am getting slow reaction time when scrolling through records and also sometimes when selecting from drop down menus. The sync speed is good. I am having this issue on a couple different PC’s. Any suggestions on how to improve this?



Not sure if this tips of mine help, but let me share.


Thanks for the tip. Do you believe having virtual columns in the table view could slow the scrolling speed?

I dont believe so as the virtual column/fields should be completed its calculation upon launching the app and should not be recalculated upon being rendered on the DOM, however, I m not expert to this.

Instead of VC, image column should possibly slow down to render contents on browser (HTML)

Copy to specialist.


If you see this when scrolling the view up and down, one reason could be complex formulas with format rules. They are calculated as you go. If that’s the reason, you could calculate the result first with a virtual column so it would be calculated already.


Thanks Alekis for coaching.

Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome