Slow Sync GoogleSheetData_AppendRows

We’ve been having some slow syncing now and then on an app.
I have checked the performance profile today and noticed this as a slow part.
I have made the slow parts bold

[internal] DataLayer_AppendTableRows 00:00:40.5919278 -
[internal] DataLayer_CreateLockWait 00:00:00.1499560 -
[internal] GDriveStorageProvider_AppendTableRows 00:00:39.0014752 -
[internal] PathIdMap_GetObjectInfo 00:00:00.3307467 -
[internal] GoogleTable_GoogleTable 00:00:00.5419464 -
[internal] GoogleSheetData_AppendRows 00:00:38.1282678 -
[internal] GoogleRowValues_GetRowNumbersForAppend 00:00:09.5383216 -
[internal] GoogleSheetData_AppendEmptyRows 00:00:09.6998474 -
[internal] GoogleTable_AddOrUpdateRows 00:00:00.3558561 -
[internal] GoogleRowValues_GetAfterImages 00:00:18.5338533 -
[internal] GoogleSheetData_ReadAfterImages 00:00:18.5338123

is there anything we can do to improve this?
It isn’t all the time, sometimes it takes a few seconds to add or edit rows, then other times almost a minute.

Are you displaying images “inline” in your G-Sheet? (Meaning you can see the image inside the G-sheet cell?)

No. There is an image column, which is a url in the Gsheet and an image in the app

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Thanks. That makes sense.
Someone at Appsheet support is having a look into it.
It seems to be working ok today.
The app is for order picking and the images are from our website, so that I don’t have to have a seperate storage for them and they stay up to date.
Each row only has one image, but maybe it has to check images in other rows again when it updates.
It’ll be good to know what Append Empty rows means too. If that’s because of something I’ve done in the app, or a standard thing.
I’ve a couple of other apps which are very similar, so I’ll have a look at them.

Thanks again for having a look.
If I get more info from them about what the things mean I’ll post it here.

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