Slow synchronization times from reading tables [Office365]

As the title suggests, I’m experiencing some problems with the sync times of my app, which takes around ~35 seconds to synchronize, so I looked into it using the Perfomance Analyzer to get an understanding of the processes that take up so much time.

I was a bit surprised to see that a lot of the time was spent on simply reading tables. Some of the time was also spent on computing virtual columns, which I understand, but several seconds were spent on reading >100 rows. Here are some numbers:

Table with 22 rows: 5.29 seconds
Table with 6 rows: 2.79 seconds
Table with 137 rows: 6.25 seconds
Table with 4 rows: 2.91 seconds
Table with 6 rows: 3.54 seconds
Table with 18 rows: 3.41 seconds
Table with 74 rows: 2.98 seconds
Table with 80 rows: 3.90 seconds
Table with 4 rows: 2.74 seconds
Table with 8 rows: 1.77 seconds

Are these numbers to be expected? For this app, I use Office365 as the datasource, and was wondering if that had anything to do with it, as I don’t recall having so slow sync times when using Google Sheets. This is also without “Delta sync” and “Server caching” FYI. I have read some of the existing articles on reducing sync times, but I’m not sure if I can apply any of that here. Any help is appreciated!

This might be best addressed directly with

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Thank you, I’ll write them an email

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