Smaller Prominent Button icons

Is there a way to make the Prominent Button icons smaller? I have a lot of them which is leading to a second row of buttons but I only have 1-2 buttons down there which just doesn’t appeal to me.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to change the icon sizes.

Are all of the buttons needed? If not, you might look at dynamically hiding/showing only the necessary buttons.

Unfortunately they are all required and can’t easily be moved to inline, or overlayed. Maybe I just need to add more buttons to fill the second row.

One workaround would be to include one more toggle action button (with two actions actually) titled say “Group 1 Actions” and “Group 2 Actions” and toggle between them to select two groups of actions. One can divide the actions in two groups, and if feasible , groups may be labeled with some pattern- say date set actions and order status actions

Downside is the user needs to sometimes tap two action buttons if the action that the user needs is in the other group that is currently not visible. However group toggle in general happens quickly.