Smart field completion using another table

I am not an expert in programation. I find Appsheet very useful.
However I am stuck for several days on a problem that will seem simple to expertsJ

I want to use a quick and easy form for packers to fill out to find out how many boxes they made during their working time.

For this I would like them to complete a first form (presets) and its table of the same name, indicating in detail what they will produce. Then every time they complete a pallet I wish they would use a much simpler form, let’s call it (Production) on which the important information is THE CARTONS QUANTITY.

My need is to know how to pre-fill the fields of the new record on this form (Production) and its table “Production” with those of the table “Presets” assuming that the following columns are particularly concerned
Timestamp / Date / Production Line / Operator / Packer / Product
And so Quantities that is the field to be completed manually.

These fields are present in the two tables “Presets” and “Production”

Ideally, by selecting the production line (L1,L2, L3…) the following fields would automatically complement each other (no need of dropdown except if they can be prefilled) but how to be sure that we are referring well to the last recording of the table “presets” of that day but also for the good operator!?

Indeed, in the same day, there may be several “presets” for the same line. Trying to simplify my form I am obliged to limit the variations to the “presets” in progress … Perhaps I should add a notion of beginning/ending working time to my presets…

I am already too long in my application and I am sorry but if someone can help me find an elegant solution I will be very happy.

In advance thank you

Kind regards


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Thank you Steve. I already spent a long time on help and tuto before posting in this board.
I need some steps by step advices.
Anyway I’m still searching my solution.