Smarter Expression

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I wonder if anyone would know of a smarter way to write this expression:


This works for me as a security filter for a table but I get the old:
Note, this expression could significantly impact sync time.

Which when the app is complete could slow it down somewhat.

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May I ask what these two Site columns are? What is the column type?


They are both text columns and contain the Location Name i.e. London

Are you able to use just LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),“Users”,“Email”,“Site”)=[Site]

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Yes, able to use that but is the same warning that it may imapact sync times.

Instead, I have took the plunge into USERSETTINGS() and finding that this is better, kind of strayed away from these before but they’re fantastic!

Thanks for investigating @Aleksi, as always, great help and response from the team.


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Yes, Usersetting is a good approach.